Episode 346:

Fistful of Butter

Serial Killer Robert Garrow


The Japanese Doomsday Cult Aum Shinrikyo


Episode 346: Fistful of Butter

On today's episode, Georgia and Karen cover serial killer Robert Garrow and the Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo.

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Serial Killer Robert Garrow

Serial Killer Robert Garrow Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Mike Hindle on Unsplash

Other Images:

Adirondack Mountains (via Jen Lombardo on Alamy)

Robert Garrow mugshot (via Times Union)


"A former convict suspected of the fatal stabbing Sunday of a teen‐aged camper bound to a tree in the Adirondacks State Park was made the subject of a nationwide alarm yesterday vhile at least 100 lawmen searched for him in the upstate woodlands.

The suspect, identified as Robert Garrow, 37 years old, of Syracuse, was allegedly identified by three companions of the slain youth as the man, armed with shotgun and knife, who invaded their campsite near Wells, N. Y., in Hamilton County.

According to the police, the man led the four campers to trees, where each was bound out of sight of the others. Three of the campers managed to escape, but the fourth, identi fied as Philip Domblewski, 18, of Schenectady, was found stabbed to death,

The state police in Fonda, N. Y., at the center of the search for Garrow, said the police were coordinating infor mation on a slaying earlier this month in the Adirondacks to determine if Garrow might be involved. In the earlier case, also a stabbing, the body of Danny Porter, 23, a founder of and partner in the research con cern that conducted Senator George McGovern's political polls last year, was found on Waddell Road, a dirt road through the Adirondacks State Park on the outskirts of Johns burg, N. Y. No sign has been found of his camping partner, Susan Petz, 20, of Skokie, Ill. The site where Mr. Porter's body was found is about 30 miles from the site of Sunday's slaying.

Garrow, the suspect in the weekend killing, was described by the police as white, 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighing 210 to 220 pounds, baldish with brown hair, blue eyes and a tattoo on his left forearm consisting of the words “mom and dad” and a heart. The police said he wore sunglasses and a hat most of the time..."

— Source: “PAROLEE HUNTED IN CAMP SLAYING” by Lawrence Van Gelder (New York Times)

The Japanese Doomsday Cult Aum Shinrikyo

The Japanese Doomsday Cult Aum Shinrikyo Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

Other Images:

Emergency personnel respond to the Tokyo sarin subway attack (via United States Public Health Service)

Photo that Shoko Asahara used to convince people he could levitate (via SCMP)


"The stunned people of Tokyo stood in thrall to a new, hi-tech terror last night after six tube train commuters and two staff died and almost 4,700 were hurt in the first targeting of a modern city with deadly nerve gas.

Tokyo police said 76 people were in critical condition at hospitals, while 46 others were in serious condition, mostly with respiratory problems.

As a huge hunt began for the culprits, it emerged that both the Japanese and United States authorities had been warned last year that an attack could be coming on the Tokyo Metro with the Nazi-developed nerve gas sarin, that has been called 'the poor man's atom bomb'.

American chemical warfare specialists visited the central Japanese city of Matsumoto, where eight people died and 200 were seriously poisoned last June, when sarin gas seeped through open windows of homes one evening. They warned the Pentagon, the CIA, the White House and the Japanese authorities that this had been a deliberate test, and that the Tokyo mass transit system was the logical next target..."

— Source: “Chaos as Nazi nerve gas fells commuters” by Kevin Rafferty and Martin Walker (The Guardian)


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