Episode 344:

Hypothetical Rearview Mirror

The Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe


The Survival story of Brazilian pilot Antonio Sena


Episode 344: Hypothetical Rearview Mirror

This week, Georgia and Karen cover the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe and the survival story of Brazilian pilot Antonio Sena.

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The Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe

The Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by pure julia on Unsplash

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Marilyn Monroe (Jasper Chamber, Alamy via Esquire)

Marilyn Monroe with Robert F. Kennedy (left) and John F. Kennedy (back to camera) (GL Archive, Alamy via Metaflix)


"The responding officer who found Marilyn Monroe's dead body in her apartment was just one of the many people who believed the actress died under mysterious circumstances and eventually prompted authorities to reopen her case. 

Scandalous: The Death of Marilyn Monroe, premieres its final episode on Sunday on the Fox News Channel, and will explore how former officer Jack Clemmons believed that the 'scene seemed staged' when he arrived on August 5, 1962.

Gary Vitacco-Robles, author of 'Icon', explained that Clemmons never documented the allegations he made concerning the possibility that something was off about Monroe's death. 

Footage from an interview years after the actress committed suicide shows Clemmons describing how her body had been 'placed' on the bed she was discovered in. 

Most notably, Clemmons highlighted that he had not observed any cups in the room that could have alluded to the fact that Monroe had reportedly taken dozens of pills to kill herself. 

A photograph of the scene does show a cup believed to have been part of a series of 12 that the star purchased in Mexico. Vitacco-Robles noted that the collector who now owns the 'vessels' reported that one was missing, believed to have been taken in by police for evidence. 

The docu-series also highlights that Clemmons noted that he saw housekeeper - Eunice Murray - washing something in the washing machine when he arrived, which he noted as 'suspicious'. 

'The implication is that she was destroying evidence,' Vitacco-Robles explained. 'As the first responding officer, he did not further investigate what she was washing. He also did not issue any reports regarding this suspicion..."

— Source: Daily Mail article by Matthew Wright

The Survival story of Brazilian pilot Antonio Sena

The Survival story of Brazilian pilot Antonio Sena Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash

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Antonio Sena (via Evaristo SA, Getty)

Aerial view of the Amazon rainforest (Pulsar Imagens, Alamy)


"Antonio Sena was 3,000 feet in the air, 242 kilometres from the nearest town, with nothing but the rainforest stretching around him in all directions, when his plane's engine stopped cold.

It was supposed to be a four-day trip, ferrying 600 litres of diesel fuel from the town of Alenquer to a gold mine called California, tucked away in the Maicuru reserve. The spot was so isolated that Antonio needed a practice run the day before to locate the airstrip.

He wouldn't normally agree to work with the so-called garimpeiros -- wildcat miners who doubled their production last year, profiting off the pandemic's price spikes in precious metals.

Flying for them is technically legal, but their mining operations are not.

With little repercussion from the Brazilian government, the garimpeiros destroy an area equivalent to 10,000 soccer pitches every year, a sizable puncture to the earth's lungs. The mercury used to separate gold seeps into rivers and food chains, a poison that last for years.

And then there's the risk.

In a decade as a pilot, Antonio had navigated dust storms in Chad and downpours in Brazil, but he'd never said yes to the miners. He'd heard too many stories like that of Clinger Borges do Valé, who walked away from 11 garimpeiro flights, only to see three of his brothers lost to the same business.

But the pandemic closed Antonio's restaurant and reduced commercial flying hours. For 10 hours of work, he could make enough to pay some bills, roughly $BRL 3,000 ($750).

Now, Antonio was not flying but gliding, hearing the rush of wind where the whirr of an engine should be. The gauges showed no fuel flowing.

He took a deep breath, called mayday on his radio and tried twice to revive the small aircraft.

Then he began looking for the safest place to crash-land in the densest jungle on earth..."

— Source: ABC Australia article by Emily Olson and Sarah Ferguson

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