Episode 337:

A Survival Story with Kara Robinson Chamberlain





Episode 337: A Survival Story with Kara Robinson Chamberlain

On today's episode, Georgia and Karen are joined by survivor and activist, Kara Robinson Chamberlain.

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"Kara Robinson Chamberlain, 15, was watering plants and bushes in the front yard of a friend's house in West Columbia, S.C, in the early afternoon of June 24, 2002, when a Trans Am pulled in the driveway and an affable guy in his late 30s, wearing jeans, a button-down shirt and a baseball cap, got out to offer some "pamphlets."

"He said, 'Are your parent's home?' and I said, 'Well, this isn't my house. This is my friend's house,'" Kara, now 35, tells PEOPLE. "And he said, 'OK, well what about her parents, are her parent's home?' And I said, 'No, her mom's not home right now.'"

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"I'll just leave these with you," he told her as he approached.

Suddenly, the man, who was later identified as serial killer Richard Evonitz, pulled out a gun, pressed it to her neck and forced her into a large storage bin that was stowed on the back seat of the car.

As he drove towards his apartment, Kara began counting the turns he made, in hopes of later finding her way home again.

She noticed details: He was listening to a classic rock station and smoking Marlboro red cigarettes. She even memorized the serial number on the inside of the plastic container that he had forced her to kneel inside.

"My survival mechanism said, 'All right, let's gather as much information as we can,'" she says. "Fear barely even kicked in ... the human will to survive and the survival mechanism really just can't be underestimated."

On his way to his apartment, he pulled over and restrained her with handcuffs and put a gag in her mouth. He then took her to his cluttered apartment — also home to a guinea pig, a lizard and other small animals — and assaulted her for 18 hours..."

— Source: People article by Christine Pelisek