Episode 252:

The Great La-Z-Boy Uprising: Advice Q&A





Episode 252: The Great La-Z-Boy Uprising: Advice Q&A

This week, Karen and Georgia lend their amateur advice to your low-stakes problems.

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Advice Questions

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@chantalbrianne My live-in bf wants to split the fridge in half like we’re roommates, I 
just need to know I’m validated in thinking this is weird. 

@ljfavorites Is it better to have “closure” or just let a relationship/friendship fade away?

@sara.lovegood How do I stop looking up people from my past online? I know it’s detrimental to my mental health, but I can’t stop! Love you guys! Xxx

@spittyvidy Hi I found a bowl in my room in the shape of two hands cupped together which I have never seen before. It’s very detailed, you can see all the little hand crevices and make out fingerprints. None of my flat mates (aka roommates) know where it came from either. How do I find out where the bowl came from? Does this mean I have someone living in my attic trying to leave me some kind of message? My flat mates are convinced I purchased this weird bowl a while ago and just forgot about it but that’s just not true. Please help xoxo

@stevenraymorris Who would be better at dodgeball?

@ellana.banana What’s the best way to remind people your birthday is coming up without appearing self-absorbed?

@jamieleeinkc Hey there! How did you guys separate your spiritual lives from your parents’? i.e. not going to church/temple anymore, expressing doubts, etc.

@julianageorges Any job interview advice? I’m about to graduate nursing school and I’m a little anxious about some curveballs they might through my way!

@hheintz A random woman had been giving my cell phone number to companies that spam call me for YEARS. Literally has been happening since I was in high school and I’m 28 now. The only thing I know is that her name is Lindsey. Any advice about how to get it to stop??

@hanner-bananer93 How do you know what to talk about in therapy every time? Sometimes no pressing issues come up and others feel too big to start talking about and then I’m just [cringe face emoji] when she asks me what I want to talk about


Thank you for all your questions!