Episode 234:

Diane Steele: The Q&A





Episode 234: Diane Steele: The Q&A

Karen and Georgia answer your summertime questions in quarantine.

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... Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Jonathan Farber on Unsplash

Referenced: Animal Crossing Hippo Character (via AnimalCrossing.Fandom.com)


Q&A questions:

1. Why hello dear friends I have never met :) Do you like the chips on sandwich combo? And if so what combo do you like? I have two:

- Bologna with doritos

-Turkey with Ruffled chip

Some people call this hillbilly lettuce! ha! Thank you for everything!

— Rachel From Cincinnati


2. Hi Murder Pals!

Hope you are all doing well. I was wondering, will you feel comfortable touring again when (if) things open back up??

Love you all, thank you for all you do.

— SSDGM, Chelsea R.


  1. If you could have exactly one 5-minute conversation with your pets, what would you talk about?

— Lemonsublime


4. Do you ever miss recording in the pod loft in Georgia’s old apartment? I used to

pretend i was drinking canned wine sitting on a couch with you when i was listening back in the early days! Thank you for continuing to provide us weekly content throughout this COVID19 crisis, you two (and the entire MFM team) are incredible and we appreciate you so MUCH!

— Hannah from Michigan


5. Candy corn or valentine conversation hearts?

— lorikb


6. Would you rather live in a sailboat or RV?

— lorikb 


7. Of all the live shows you've performed, what has been your favorite venue and why?

— truestorydesu


8. Hi friends!

When was a time in your life you felt aimless? What helped you get through the day to day during that time? Do you have any routines that help you feel ready to face the world?

Thanks for being the good voices in my head during this time!

— R


9. What is the best thing you have eaten in quarantine?

— cavery89


10. What advice would you give to someone who struggles with self-confidence? As someone who is often second-guessing herself it’s SO comforting to listen to both of you be real. This may sound like a backwards compliment but even when you make mistakes on the podcast know that you’re inspiring murderinos to keep going because we’re all human. Love you both!

— Ciera


11. How do you determine which story submissions you share during your minisodes?

— Erin 


12. What sound or noise do you hate?

— Megan S. (from NC)


13. Karen-what is the most important thing you have learned from Georgia? Georgia what’s the most important thing you’ve learned from Karen?

 — Elisabeth T


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