Episode 213:

Live at the Northrop Auditorium in Minneapolis (2019)

The Murder of Louis Arbogast


Harry Hayward


Episode 213: Live at the Northrop Auditorium in Minneapolis (2019)

Karen and Georgia cover the murder of Louis Arbogast and Harry Hayward.

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The Murder of Louis Arbogast

The Murder of Louis Arbogast Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Raymond Pang on Unsplash

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Mr. and Mrs. Arbogast (via PJEfamilyresearch.blogspot.com)

Arbogast Home (via PJEfamilyresearch.blogspot.com)

Butcher stain in bed (via PJEfamilyresearch.blogspot.com)



Minnesotan Accused of Slaying Her Wealthy Husband Found to Be Not Guitty

ST PAUL. Minn.. Nov. 4.— Mrs. Minnie Arbogast, who for two weeks has been on trial on a charge of having murdered her husband, Louis Arbogast. a wealthy butcher, on the morning of May 13. was acquitted today. _ Louis Arbogast was murdered while asleep in bed. his head being crushed with an ax. and the lied soaked with gasoline and set on fire. Mrs. Arbogai ' was badly burned at the time, and wag In the hospital for many weeks. Mrs. Arbor's* and her four daughters were in the house when the crime was committed, and none of the daughters was able to say definitely what occurred. Louise Arbogast, eldest daughter, Is under Indictment on the same charge as that preferred against her mother, and will be tried In a week or two..."

Source: CDNC's Los Angeles Herald, Volume 37, Number 35, 5 November 1909

Harry Hayward

Harry Hayward Notes:

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Kitty Ging (via MurderByGaslight.com)

Ozark Flats (via MurderByGastlight.com)

Harry Hayward (via MurderByGaslight.com)

Claus A. Blixt (via MurderByGaslight.com)

Margaret Hamilton on Sesame Street (via Fandom.com)

Svengali from George du Maurier’s novel, “Trilby” (via Mtholyoke.edu)


"Harry Hayward was a handsome young playboy from a wealthy Minneapolis family. An inveterate gambler, he would finance his habit through theft, insurance fraud and counterfeit currency. And he was thought to have hypnotic powers. He persuaded Catherine Ging to make him beneficiary on a life insurance policy, then, on December 3, 1894, he lured her to a meeting with Claus Blixt – also acting under Hayward’s spell. As Catherine Ging was being murdered, Harry Hayward sat in a Minneapolis theatre watching a play with another woman. When the sordid details were learned, the press dubbed Hayward “The Minneapolis Svengali.”..."

— Source: Murder By Gaslight article by Robert Wilhelm