Episode 209:

Big Sweater Energy

The Mysterious Death of Davina Buff Jones


Tiffany Taylor’s Survivor Story


Episode 209: Big Sweater Energy

Karen and Georgia cover the mysterious death of Davina Buff Jones and Tiffany Taylor’s survivor story.

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The Mysterious Death of Davina Buff Jones

The Mysterious Death of Davina Buff Jones Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Mitchell Maglio on Unsplash

Image Source:

Davina Buff Jones (Elaine Buff/Memorial Site via FinsAGrave.com)

Davina Buff Jones in uniform (via StarsNewsOnline.com)


"Dee Jones, 33, was a nine-month rookie with the Bald Head PD. Her short career had not been pleasant. Upset with her enforcement of the law, locals on the island regularly complained. She was treated badly by the residents as well as her employers. At one point, she filed a sexual harassment complaint against an emergency medical services worker, which further angered the small village.

At the time of her death, Dee had been looking for another job. On the night of October 22, 1999, Dee worked routine patrol. At 11:48 p.m., she advised the dispatcher that she was out with three people near the Bald Head Island light house. These are the last words she spoke over her handheld radio:

"10-4 . . . show me out with three. Stand by, stand by, please."

Then, her voice came across the radio again because she was on an open mic: “There ain’t no reason to have a gun here on Bald Head Island, okay? You want to put down the gun. Come on, do me the favor and put down the gun... ."

A high-pitched squeal was then heard over the radio.

After Dee failed to respond to repeated check-ups, her partner, Officer Keith Cain, left the police station and arrived at Dee’s location just 15 minutes later. Cain found Dee on the ground next to her truck. She'd been shot in the back her the head, and she was dead.

Her .40 caliber Glock duty pistol lay near her right hand. Officer Cain moved the gun closer to the truck and called for back-up. The only back-up available was volunteer fire chief, Kent Brown, and two EMS workers, including the one Jones had filed a sexual harassment complaint against. The men lifted her body onto a gurney and transported it to the ferry dock. The body was left there, uncovered, for all of the public to see as they went on or off the ferry. (Yes, this really happened in the 20th century). The death was immediately determined to be a homicide.

But that was just the beginning..."

— Source: Forbes article by Stacy Dittrich

Tiffany Taylor’s Survivor Story

Tiffany Taylor’s Survivor Story Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

Other Image Sources:

Tiffany Taylor (Chris Pedota/NorthJersey.com/USA Today Network via NorthJersey.com)

Surveillance photos of Khalil Wheeler-Weaver (via NorthJersey.com)

Leroy West holds a photo of his daughter, Robin West (via NorthJersey.com)


"In the summer and fall of 2016, a serial killer stalked the streets of urban New Jersey. 

He attacked four women in 84 days. He killed three.

He used his phone for everything. To hunt women. To learn faster ways to kill. When a murder was complete, he asked his phone for directions home.

After most violent crimes, victims and their loved ones must wait, hoping police and prosecutors may someday bring the criminal to justice.

For the women affected by these crimes, hope wasn't good enough.

And for Tiffany Taylor, waiting wasn't an option. 

Police didn't crack this case. Women did. 

Women outsmarted the killer. They found him. And they stopped him..."

— Source: NorthJersey.com article by Christopher Maag

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