Episode 196:

The Baddest Of Them All

The Gray Widow Murderers


The Burger Chef Murders


Episode 196: The Baddest Of Them All

Karen and Georgia cover the Gray Widow Murderers and the Burger Chef Murders.

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The Gray Widow Murderers

The Gray Widow Murderers Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

Other Image Sources:

Helen Golay (via Los Angeles Police Department — LAPDonline.org)

Olga Rutterschmidt (via Los Angeles Police Department — LAPDonline.org)

Kenneth McDavid (via Los Angeles Police Department — LAPDonline.org)

Paul Vados (via Los Angeles Police Department — LAPDonline.org)


"On April 18, 2008, Helen Golay, 78, formerly of Santa Monica, California, and Olga Rutterschmidt, 75, formerly of Hollywood, California, were convicted of the murders of two vagrants — Paul Vados in 1999 and Kenneth McDavid in 2005. According to reports, Golay and Rutterschmidt staged Vados and McDavid's deaths to appear as hit and run incidents in order to collect on multimillion-dollar life insurance policies they had taken out on the men. The killings became known as the 'Black Widow Homeless Murders..."

— Source: Black Widow Murders Wikipedia

The Burger Chef Murders

The Burger Chef Murders Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Bevan Kay on Unsplash

Ruth Shelton plaque (via Wikimedia Commons)

Jayne Friedt plaque (via Wikimedia Commons)

Mark Flemmonds plaque (via Wikimedia Commons)

Daniel Roy Davis plaque (via Wikimedia Commons)

Inscription Memorial Bench (via Wikimedia Commons)


"The evening of November 17, 1978, should have been like any other for the four young crew members closing the Burger Chef at 5725 Crawfordsville Road in Speedway, Indiana. After serving customers and locking the doors for the night, the kids began their regular cleanup to ready the restaurant for the following day. But then something went horribly wrong. Just before midnight, someone muscled into the place, robbed the store of $581 and kidnapped the four employees. Over the next two days, investigators searched in vain for the missing crewmembers before their bodies were discovered more than twenty miles away. The killer or killers were never caught. Join Julie Young on an exploration of one of the most baffling cold cases in Indiana history..."

— Source:The Burger Chef Murders in Indiana, by author Julie Young

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