Episode 194:

The SpoOoky Halloween Hometown Special





Episode 194: The SpoOoky Halloween Hometown Special

Karen and Georgia celebrate Halloween by reading your spooky stories.

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... Notes:

Image Header Source: Photo by Beth Teutschmann on Unsplash


Image Sources:

Georgia as the Mothman

Louisville Haunted House (via Jon Shockley on OnlyInYourState.com)

Ghost Bell (via listener Erin) — Hear Story at 33:15

Most Expensive Bell On eBay (via ambiancearts11) — Referenced at 41:01

Darth Maul


Listener Stories:

08:45 Halloween Creep Story

12:29 Trick or Treat Halloween Lighthearted 

17:17 Old Louisville Murder Mansion On Shrooms

21:40 Halloween Story: The Time Ghosts Stole My Internet

24:40 Halloween Ghosts, Questionable Camping Attire

30:57 We Almost Killed Grandpa On Halloween

33:15 My Haunted-ass Internship Had A Ghost Bell (Ghost Bell image referenced via listener Erin)

37:25 Spooky Divorce?

41:01 Most Expensive Bell On eBay (via ambiancearts11)

45:15 Two Coffins, One Grave: My True Family Ghost Story

47:20 That Time I Walked Home At Night And Shit Got Strange

50:32 The Halloween Witch

55:05 Childhood Ghost Haunting


Watch by Nick Terry My Favorite Murder Animated

Museum of Osteopathic Medicine


Fucking Hoorays!


Walking more! Instead of doing nothing, I've been doing something, so I've been walking — nd I'm getting some sun too and I've been enjoying myself. 


I've been swimming! And also I've been into Tarot Readings, and if that's something you're into check out my friend Ariana Lenarsky — she reads cards on Twitter @DreamCityTarot. Listen to her podcast What’s Your Deal?