Episode 175:

Live at the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City

The High Hat Club Killer


The Oklahoma City Butcher


Episode 175: Live at the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City

Karen and Georgia cover the High Hat Club Killer and the Oklahoma City Butcher.

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The High Hat Club Killer

The High Hat Club Killer Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Alem Sánchez from Pexels

"Kennamer was the pampered son of a prominent federal judge from Tulsa, Okla., who was convicted of killing a friend, John Gorrell, shortly after Thanksgiving Day 1934 despite having a high-powered former state attorney general leading his defense and some of the country’s preeminent psychiatrists of the day testifying that he was insane at the time he shot Gorrell twice in the head..."

— Source: Malefactor’s Register

The Oklahoma City Butcher

The Oklahoma City Butcher Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Berendey_Ivanov / Andrey_Kobysnyn from Pexels

"On April 1st of 1976, 3 utility workers in between shifts decided to check out an abandoned house nearby in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. What they found inside was a severed thigh and a female human head. It wasn't until 1993 that the remains were positively linked by DNA to missing person Cathy Lyn Shakelford, a member of the Sac and Fox tribe.

On April 19th, 1979, some children playing basketball noted a dog running down the street carrying a human head near the 300 block of NE 10th in Oklahoma City. A week after the body was first discovered, fingerprints positively identified the victim as Arley Killian, a woman with involvement in sex trafficking. Her family claimed to have seen her only hours before the first remains were recovered.

The final Oklahoma City victim was discovered March 6th, 1986. A woman's torso and left leg were discovered behind a residence on 501 NE 1st street. Almost a week later the woman's head was discovered by a homeless person in the garbage behind a garage at 507 Lindsay Avenue. The body's tattoos linked her to missing person Tina Sanders.

Oklahoma City Police believe that the three murders are connected. There are several common threads between them, one of them being that all three victims are of Native American heritage. All of the women were living on the streets at the time of their death with at least two having possible connections to prostitution. All of the victims were completely dismembered, their body parts left where they could be discovered, and their sexual organs missing. The dismemberment were non-surgical, but crude and sloppy. It is believed that the killer wanted his victims found which is why he left their body parts in such public places.

No arrests have been made and all three murders remain unsolved. The killer has come to be known as the OKC Butcher..."

— Source: Unresolved Mysteries Reddit