Episode 172:

I’m Fine, Look Away

The Murder of Joan Robinson Hill


The Murder at Devil’s Teeth


Episode 172: I’m Fine, Look Away

Karen and Georgia cover the death of Joan Robinson Hill and the murder at Devil’s Teeth.

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The Murder of Joan Robinson Hill

The Murder of Joan Robinson Hill Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Shaira Dela Peña on Unsplash

Image Sources:

Photo of Joan with horse Beloved Belinda from July 1953 issue of Saddle and Bridle magazine from Wikipedia Commons

"Joan Olive Robinson Hill (February 6, 1931 – March 19, 1969) was a socialite and equestrian from Houston, Texas. Her unexplained death at age 38 led to her husband, John Hill, becoming the first person to be indicted by the state of Texas on the charge of murder by omission. The case precipitated a series of events that included the 1972 murder of John Hill and, two years later, the fatal police shooting of the man accused of that murder. Adopted as an infant by wealthy oil tycoon Davis "Ash" Robinson and his wife, Rhea, Joan became an equestrian at a young age. She excelled and continued the sport into adulthood, ultimately winning several national titles..."

— Source: Joan Olive Robinson Wikipedia

The Murder at Devil's Teeth

The Murder at Devil’s Teeth Notes:

Header Image Notes: Photo by Daniel Peters on Unsplash

"On the afternoon of Monday, August 7, 1972, 16-year-old Jeannette DePalma left her home on Clearview Road in Springfield Township, New Jersey, telling her mother that she was going to take a train to a friend's house. When she did not arrive at her friend's home or return later that evening, her parents filed a missing person report with the Springfield Police Department.

Six weeks later, on September 19 her remains were found atop a cliff inside of Springfield's Houdaille Quarry. This occurred after a local dog brought her decomposing right forearm and hand back to its owner.

According to several witnesses at the scene, Jeannette's skeletal remains were surrounded by a series of strange and possibly occult objects. Descriptions vary, but the most commonly agreed upon account states that the remains were found inside a coffin-shaped perimeter of fallen branches and logs, and inside this perimeter were several small makeshift wooden crosses..."

— Source: Murder of Jeanette DePalma Wikipedia

Fucking Hoorays!


There was a moment when we were at the Dallas shows Meet + Greets and I had this weird moment where it suddenly felt like I was catching up to what was happening real time. Normally, whether positive or negative energy, I usually shut down and process it later. But in this moment — it almost made me cry — because these women walked up to up to meet us and started talking and  I no longer had this fear of how overwhelming and huge these feelings are. It felt so good! So I just had this moment of concentrated gratitude and appreciation and wonderment and had to try not a cry. It was a powerful moment for me and just made me realize what a great fucking thing to fall into and I just love every aspect of it.


Well, my therapist died 6 months ago and it’s been weird and hard and there’s been a wall around me as well, kind of like you mentioned — and it’s big. So one is that at the Grand Ole’ Opry show, her mom came because her niece heard me do a little dedication to Kim and played it for Kim’s mom and she drove all the way to come to the show in Nashville. So I got to meet Kim’s mom and hug her and it meant so much to me. The other thing is that I was given a token of Kim’s, it’s a beautiful necklace, that actually had always meant a lot to me. It means a lot that I can carry on what she gave me, which is an understanding of my place in the world, what gratitude means and how to deal with the hugeness of life — and I just really appreciate that.