Episode 170:

Habeas Delicious

The Murder of Helle Crafts


The Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse


Episode 170: Habeas Delicious

Karen and Georgia cover the murder of Helle Crafts and the Hyatt Regency walkway collapse.

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The Murder of Helle Crafts

The Murder of Helle Crafts Notes:

"Helle Crafts born Helle Lorck Nielsen, July 4, 1947 – November 19, 1986) was a Danish flight attendant murdered. Her death led to the first murder conviction in Connecticut without the victim's body.

Helle Nielsen and Richard Crafts married in 1979 and settled in Newtown, Connecticut. Helle continued working while raising their three children. By 1985, Helle had learned about Richard's several affairs and began divorce proceedings. On the night of November 19, 1986, a friend dropped Helle off at the couple's home. This was the last time anyone but her husband saw her.Over the next few weeks, Helle's husband gave her friends a variety of stories as to why they were unable to reach her; she was visiting her mother in Denmark, he did not know where she was, she was with a friend in the Canary Islands.

Because friends knew about Richard's aggression and temper, they grew concerned; Helle had told some of them, 'if something happens to me, don't think it was an accident.'"

— Source: Helle Crafts Wikipedia

The Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse

The Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse Notes:

"On the evening of Friday, July 17, 1981, approximately 1,600 people gathered in the atrium for a tea dance. At 7:05 p.m. local time (00:05 UTC; July 18) the second-level walkway held approximately 40 people with more on the third and an additional 16 to 20 on the fourth level. The fourth-floor bridge was suspended directly over the second-floor bridge, with the third-floor walkway offset several meters from the others.

Popping noises were heard moments before the fourth-floor walkway dropped several inches, paused, then fell completely onto the second-floor walkway. Then both walkways fell to the lobby floor. There were 114 deaths (almost all at the scene) and 219 injuries.The Hyatt Regency walkway collapse took place at the Hyatt Regency Kansas City hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, on July 17, 1981. Two walkways, one directly above the other, collapsed onto a tea dance being held in the hotel's lobby. The falling walkways killed 114 and injured 216. It was the deadliest structural collapse in U.S. history until the collapse of the World Trade Center towers 20 years later..."

— Source: Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse Wikipedia

Fucking Hoorays!


So there’s this thing called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) where they take your blood and separate the good stuff and they inject it in a painful spot in your body, say like my lower back which is very fucked up with degenerative disc bullshit. But that rich plasma is supposed to heal that area — and I got that done this week. It’s going to take a couple weeks to know if it works but I’m really fucking hopeful (plus there was a muderino who worked in the office and she was really sweet — Melissa what’s up!).I’m putting it out there because I really want it to work.


I know my therapist is my fucking hooray a lot but there is a pipeline of information I get from her. The idea that you’re just a way and that’s your fucking fault but a therapist is just like “excuse me I just have a quick argument for that.” And we were talking about the response you have when you deal with something like rejection or some negative thing, and the rule of six, which is when the thing you fear you think is happening is your forearm and your five fingers are the other possibilities that could be happening. So the practice is to go through and think of what could be happening besides this thing I’ve decided.People have been telling me to do this for 15 years, but the voice in my head is just a realist.Anyways so my therapist threw her head back and smiled and said “but I’m onto her.”