Episode 167:

Bomb Grade

The Death of Karen Silkwood


Serial Killer Sam Little


Episode 167: Bomb Grade

Karen and Georgia cover the death of Karen Silkwood and serial killer Sam Little.

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The Death of Karen Silkwood

The Death of Karen Silkwood Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Thomas Dumortier on Unsplash

"Karen Gay Silkwood (February 19, 1946 – November 13, 1974) was an American chemical technician and labor union activist known for raising concerns about corporate practices related to health and safety in a nuclear facility.

She worked at the Kerr-McGee Cimarron Fuel Fabrication Site in Oklahoma, making plutonium pellets, and became the first woman on the union's negotiating team. After testifying to the Atomic Energy Commission about her concerns, she was found to have plutonium contamination on her person and in her home. While driving to meet with a New York Times journalist and an official of her union's national office, she died in a car crash under unclear circumstances..."

— Source: Karen Gay Silkwood Wikipedia

Serial Killer Sam Little

Serial Killer Sam Little Notes:

"Samuel Little (born June 7, 1940) is an American serial killer. In 2014, he was convicted of the murders of three women in California between 1987 and 1989. After this conviction, California authorities said that he might have killed people in nine states, starting in the 1970s. He claims to have killed as many as 90 people; investigators have linked him to at least 34 murders.

Little was born on June 7, 1940, in Reynolds, Georgia, possibly during one of his mother's prison stints. Little has claimed his mother was a "lady of the night". Soon after his birth, his family moved to Ohio. He grew up in Lorain, Ohio, and was brought up mainly by his grandmother. He attended Hawthorne Junior High School, where he had problems with discipline and achievement. In 1956, while still a high school student, Little was arrested for the first time and convicted for breaking and entering into property in Omaha, Nebraska. He was held in an institution for juvenile offenders. In the late 1960s, Little moved to Florida, where he lived with his mother. He worked as an ambulance attendant and then a cemetery worker. Having a strong physique, Little took up boxing during prison time and considered himself a prizefighter at one point. Little did not continue his education after high school, spending most of his free time on the streets, engaging in petty theft and occasionally working part-time as a day laborer.

Little was arrested in 1961 and sentenced to three years in prison for breaking into a furniture store in Lorain. He was released in 1964. He left Ohio and shuttled between different states for the following few years and made a living through robbery and theft.

By 1975, Little had been arrested 26 times in 11 states for crimes including theft, assault, attempted rape, fraud and attacks on government officials. Little spent much of his time with prostitutes and pimps. In 1982 he was arrested in Pascagoula, Mississippi, and charged with the murder of 22-year-old prostitute Melinda LaPree, who had gone missing in September that year.

In December 2018, Little was indicted for strangling Linda Sue Boards, 23, to death in May 1981 in Warren County, Kentucky. Her body was found on May 15, 1981 near U.S. Route 68. One of Little's victims was identified in December 2018 as Martha Cunningham of Knox County, Tennessee who was 34 years old when Little murdered her in 1975..."

— Source: Samuel Little Wikipedia

Fucking Hoorays!


New therapist I’m connecting with now only after 3 sessions. I’m getting into house remodeling a little bit and get to pick out tiles and shit, which also means I get to be bossy — and I can do it without feeling guilty because I’m paying for it. Also, I binged watched PEN15, it’s a Hulu original show that is like Strangers with Candy meets Degrassi. It's such a beautiful show and so well-done, and it's just a weird show in such a great way. 


I’ve been watching a bunch of Miss Marple episodes, she’s a nosey nellie who is a smart at Sherlock Holmes. It’s really delightful. It’s that thing getting me through at night sometimes, it’s so comforting. The casts are amazing and the directing is amazing — I love this show.