Episode 164:

Live at the Sony Centre in Toronto

The Murder of Julie Stanton


The Massey Maid Murder


Episode 164: Live at the Sony Centre in Toronto

Karen and Georgia cover the murder of Julie Stanton and the Massey Maid Murder.

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The Murder of Julie Stanton

The Murder of Julie Stanton Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo from Pexels

"Stanton disappeared on April 16, 1990. Neighbors reported seeing Stanton get into Stark’s car on the day she disappeared. According to reports from the time, Stark’s daughter was friendly with Stanton. The prosecution alleged that Stark met with Stanton under the pretext of discussing his daughter and then sexually assaulted the girl and killed her with an axe. Stark maintained his innocence, but was tried and convicted, though Stanton’s body was not found until 1996.

In 2000, Stark’s lawyer unsuccessfully argued for a new trial, citing the prosecution’s reliance on a jailhouse confession and inconsistencies between the state of the remains and the narrative that the girl had been killed with an axe.

According to her family, Stanton was a “vibrant, beautiful 14 year old full of dreams ahead.”

“As her grave stone reads ‘you will never walk alone again’ we are hopeful that Stark's passing will allow her to finally rest in peace,” the family statement reads. 'We are also at peace knowing he will never hurt anyone ever again.'"

— Source: CP24 Toronto's Breaking News

The Massey Maid Murder

The Massey Maid Murder Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Somchai Kongkamsri from Pexels

"It was Canada's trial of the century. It all began 100 years ago, on Feb. 8, 1915, when Carrie Davies shot Charles Bert Massey to death. That killing on a quiet residential street in Toronto quickly became a sensation. The story appeared in newspapers from New York to London. At the time, the Masseys were one of the most powerful families in Canada. The name is still famous in Toronto a century later, tied as it is to Massey Ferguson farm equipment, the concert venue Massey Hall and Massey College, which is part of the University of Toronto campus. Carrie Davies was Bert Massey's 18-year-old British maid, and she said she shot him because she was afraid he wanted to sexually assault her. It was her word against his reputation. But when the trial was over, she was found not guilty.

To this day, the verdict doesn't sit right with some members of the Massey family..."

— Source: CBC News