Episode 161:

Live at the Blaisdell Concert Hall in Honolulu

The Murder of Yvonne Mathison


The Maui Yoga Twin Case


Episode 161: Live at the Blaisdell Concert Hall in Honolulu

Karen and Georgia cover the murder of Yvonne Mathison and the Maui Yoga Twin case.

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The Murder of Yvonne Mathison

The Murder of Yvonne Mathison Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Varun Gaba on Unsplash

"In 1992, Mathison was accused of beating his wife, Yvonne Mathison, with a pipe and running her over with a van to make it look like an accident. He was sentenced in 1996 to life in prison with possibility for parole for the murder, and 20 years for kidnapping..."

— Source: Hawaii News Now

The Maui Yoga Twin Case

The Maui Yoga Twin Case Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Braden Jarvis on Unsplash

"On May 29, two women were pulled from the wreckage of a Ford Explorer SUV in Maui, Hawaii, after their car plunged over a 200-foot cliff. The driver, 37-year-old Alexandria Duval, was still alive. The passenger, her twin sister, Anastasia, was pronounced dead.

Identical twin sisters Alexandria and Anastasia Duval always lived together, played together and worked together, operating what were once two of the hottest yoga studios in the Palm Beach, Florida, area.They would finish each other's sentences, and while they had boyfriends, their relationship seemed to come first. But after a reality TV project fell through, the two descended into a cross-country spiral of business failures, debts, arguments and drunken run-ins with the law that all came to a tragic end. 

Looking for a new start, they moved to Maui in December and planned to open yoga studios, according to Alexandria’s attorney. But they were soon charged with disorderly conduct and terroristic threatening over a Christmas Eve incident. Their rowdy behavior doesn’t tell the twins’ full story, said McMichael, the spiritual adviser. Referring to them by their previous names, she described Alison (later Alexandria) as outgoing with a 'big, dominant personality” and a tendency to drink too much sometimes, and called Ann (Anastasia) 'the sweetest, kindest, most level-headed person you would ever meet.' McMichael said the pair, whose mother had died when they were five, always lived together and put their relationship ahead of their boyfriends.'They realized that love was not in their future because they were so co-dependent,' she said. 'I would joke that the only people who would understand them were a pair of male twins who would understand that they needed to be together.'

The twins had been fighting and drinking earlier on the day of the crash, Federico Bailey, Anastasia’s boyfriend, told the Maui News. He said they had gone camping together for the Memorial Day weekend. The sisters’ relationship involved distrust and constant fighting but also love, he said: 'When they drink, their personalities change.'Authorities said Alexandria was behind the wheel of a Ford Explorer on May 29 when witnesses saw the sisters arguing on Maui’s Hana Highway, a perilously narrow, twisting route along a scenic stretch of coastline. A witness cleaning a family gravesite on the highway shoulder told police that he heard a woman screaming in the vehicle and that the passenger was pulling the driver’s hair and the steering wheel. The SUV accelerated, made a hard left turn and crashed into a rock wall, then went over the cliff, authorities said. Anastasia was pronounced dead at the scene. Alexandria was hospitalized in critical condition but appeared in court Monday with her arm in a sling..."

— Source: Daily Mail article by Associate Press