Episode 117:

Reality's Canceled

The Survival of Teka Adams


The West Mesa Bone Collector


Episode 117: Reality's Canceled

Karen and Georgia cover the survival of Teka Adams and the West Mesa Bone Collector.

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The Survival of Teka Adams

The Survival of Teka Adams Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

Other Image Sources:

Teka Adams with daughter Miracle Sky (via NBCwashington.com)

"In Washington, DC in December 2009, Teka Adams, 29 years old, homeless and nine months pregnant, was abducted by acquaintance Veronica Deramous, aged 40. Deramous enlisted the help of her seventeen-year-old son to tie up Adams and hold her captive for four days. During those four days, Deramous unsuccessfully attempted to extract the fetus. Adams was able to escape, barely clinging to life and severely injured. A neighbor called 911, and both Adams and her fetus survived. The cesarean was completed at a hospital and the baby was named Miracle. In November 2010 Veronica Deramous was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment on a plea bargain for first-degree assault.

Fetal abduction is usually perpetrated by a woman after organized planning. The abductor may befriend the pregnant victim. The abductor is so determined to impersonate a pregnant and puerperal mother that she may use weight gain and a prosthesis to fake a pregnancy and cut herself internally to make it look as if she has given birth. She may take the neonate to a hospital. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s spokesperson, Cathy Nahirny, stated in 2007, “Many times the abductor fakes a pregnancy and when it is time to deliver the baby, must abduct someone else's child”. Criminal motives include delusions of fulfilling a partner relationship, child-bearing and childbirth..."

— Source: Fetal Abduction Wikipedia 


The West Mesa Bone Collector

The West Mesa Bone Collector Notes:

Header Image Source: Photo by Eric Prouzet on Unsplash

Other Image Sources:

A memorial for the West Side murder victims stands near 118th Street and Dennis Chavez in Southwest Albuquerque. From Roberto E. Rosales/Albuquerque Journal (via ABQjournal.com)

Victims of the West Mesa Bone Collector. From Official Cold Case Investigations (via AllThatsInteresting.com)

"The West Mesa Murders refer to the remains of 11 women and a fetus found buried in 2009 in the desert on the West Mesa of Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. No suspects have been arrested and a serial killer is believed to be responsible.

Between 2001 and 2005, 11 women were buried by an unknown assailant in an arroyo bank on Albuquerque's West Mesa, in an undeveloped area within city limits. Satellite imagery taken between 2003 and 2005 shows tire marks and patches of disturbed soils in the area where the remains were recovered. By 2006, development had encroached on the area, and soon after, the site was disturbed, buried, and platted for residential development.

Due to the 2008 Housing Bubble collapse, development on the west side halted before housing could be built at the burial site. After neighbors complained of flooding at the platted site (due to the burial of the natural arroyo), the developer built a retaining wall to channel storm water to a detention pond built in the approximate area of the burial site, inadvertently exposing bones to the surface..."

— Source: West Mesa Murders Wikipedia

Fucking Hoorays!


One is I was watching Ancient Aliens, and it was talking about how meditation can allows your subconscious brain to access the “Akashic Record,” which is everything that happened in humanity ever. If you can tap into that you can tap into creativity. So now I've been meditating for two days and I use an app called the "Insight Timer." They have so many guided meditations and it's awesome. The other thing I'm into is this show called The Royle Family, which is a British Series from the late 90's. It’s a very realistic family dynamic, and it’s really quiet and relaxing. Give it a try!


I had found so much joy in the new Jumanji — what a little joy of a movie! The Rock is just an angel baby, and the girl in it was such a badass, everyone was just the best. Oh, and I also loved the movie Lady Bird.